Toronto police, city investigating after another dangerous dog report

Toronto Police and Animal Services confirm they are investigating after a second report of an attack by a pitbull or a bull-mix dog in the city’s east end.

The Toronto police and city officials are investigating a recent report of a dangerous dog incident in the city. This follows a growing number of dog bite cases in the area and has prompted calls for stricter enforcement of Ontario’s dog bite laws.

Leslieville resident Curt Martin was the first to tell the on June 23 that he and his small dog were attacked by an off-leash pit bull or bull-mix dog in Greenwood Park and were lucky to escape with just cuts and bruises during the traumatic experience.

Now another person, 23-year-old journalism student Callum Denault, came forward Tuesday, saying he and his young mutt, Louie, were also attacked by what he believes was the same dog — leashless and collarless — last Thursday around 5 p.m.

“We were lucky that neither of us were injured,” said Denault. “But this dog was like chasing (his dog, Louie) around and biting him. I wrestled with the pit bull from behind and at one point rolled around on the ground with it.”

Denault said it all started when he was with his brother, mother and a family friend at Upper Gerrard St. and Coxwell Ave. and saw a commotion across the street.

“I saw the dog, a pit bull, going out onto the street,” he added. “There was a group of people standing there yelling. The owner was running away from them. He had a split lip and it looked like he had been punched in the face a couple of times.”

Following that, Denault — who is 6-foot-4, 190 pounds and has a blackbelt in taekwondo — ran out into the road to rescue the dog, weighing between 60 pounds and 80 pounds, which had run on the street.

But it ended up running back and lunging at his pet, which weighs about 40 pounds.

Denault, who only suffered mild scrapes and Louie some mild bruises, said he tackled the pit bull again, sprawled on it, grabbed it by the nape and put his arm around its front.

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The owner finally came over to help and get the animal off the street, while the family friend called Louie over to her side, he said.

“The owner walked away from us, to talk to some police. He left me, a complete stranger, to hold his dog down by myself. I had to call him. I said, ‘Sir, I need you to come here and secure your dog.’”

Toronto Police Const. Rob Reid confirmed officers attended the scene last Thursday concerning “a fight and dogs were involved,” but wouldn’t give out any other details, citing both privacy and the fact the incident is under investigation.

The city’s Animal Services department confirmed it is investigating the June 23 incident involving Martin and the July 28 incident involving Denault.