Parents recall dog attacks as lawmakers in Ontario consider laws

As lawmakers in Ontario consider changes to the province’s dog bite laws, parents are sharing their personal experiences with dog attacks. In a recent meeting with members of the provincial parliament, parents recounted the traumatic events their children had suffered as a result of dog bites, and the lasting impact it has had on their families.

One mother shared the story of her 8-year-old daughter, who was bitten by a neighbor’s dog while playing outside. Despite several surgeries and ongoing therapy, the girl still bears physical and emotional scars from the attack. The mother stated that she wishes the laws surrounding dog bites in Ontario were stronger, and that the responsible parties were held accountable.

Another father spoke about his son who was attacked by a dog while on a walk in the park. The boy was left with severe injuries, and the father was disappointed to learn that the dog’s owner was not held liable for the incident. He said that he believes that owners should be held responsible for their dogs and that the laws should be stricter to prevent such incidents.

Currently, dog bite laws in Ontario are considered to be among the weakest in Canada, with some experts calling for stricter regulations and harsher penalties for irresponsible dog owners. Many dog bite lawyers in Toronto and across the province are also advocating for changes to the current laws, stating that they often see clients who have suffered serious injuries as a result of dog attacks and have difficulty seeking justice.

As the MSPs continue to debate the issue, many families affected by dog bites are hoping for changes to the laws that will provide them with greater protection and accountability.