Man seeks answers after dog killed in park in Parkdale

Another small dog has been killed in what the dog’s owner describes as an unprovoked attack by an off-leash animal, this time in Toronto’s west end.

Christopher Vieira Loreto, 30, says he was walking his chihuahua Guizmo in front of Lamport Stadium last Thursday morning when a larger, unleashed dog attacked his beloved pet and killed it.

He says the woman who owns the dog ran off.
The killer dog is described as a mixed breed, fawn-coloured, about 50 or 60 pounds.
Vieira Loreto, French, who has only been in Toronto a few months, took his dog and ran for help to the Pet Valu store at King and Dufferin.
The staff there helped him call 311 and Toronto Animal Services and found an emergency vet who could see the dog.
But Guizmo was so badly hurt he had to be euthanized.

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Christopher Vieira Loreto, 30, his chihuahua Guizmo, was attacked and killed by another dog. SUPPLIED PHOTO

A distraught Vieira Loreto said Monday that he had heard nothing from police or animal services since the incident happened. And he’s upset about that. The thought was to contact dog bite lawyer toronto 

However, the Parkdale community and an ad-hoc network of animal lovers got to work on Facebook to help find the killer dog.
“The woman has been seen in Coronation Park, camping with her dog,” said Vieira Loreto.
“The dog looks dangerous, barking at other dogs, and it is malnourished.”
It is believed the owner is experiencing homelessness.

Vieira Loreto said that when his dog was killed, other people helped him, and some took pictures of the attacking dog and its owner.
“She just flipped them off and fled. I couldn’t do anything. She fled. She knew she was in big trouble. To find her is very complicated,” Vieira Loreto said.
But other people claim they did find her and posted pictures on Facebook, and Vieira Loreto is concerned about the amount of time that’s passed with nothing being done about the dog.

Laura, a co-manager at the , was at work when Vieira Loreto ran in with his badly wounded dog.
Laura said, “the dog was bleeding profusely and struggling to breathe, and a puncture wound was visible in his front armpit.”
Laura and the staff helped Vieira Loreto, found him a vet and a taxi to get there, and hoped for the best.
Later in the day, he returned to say Guizmo was dead.
At dog bite lawyer in toronto point, they helped him file the appropriate reports and paperwork.
“The dog who attacked is a mixed breed, maybe Lab and Shepherd,” said Laura. “Very skinny.”

The community is tight-knit and keen to help, she added.

“It was the least we could do. He’s not from here and he didn’t know how to navigate any of the systems. Everyone is welcome here,” she said.

Laura said Monday that someone reported the dog had been found in Liberty Village on Sunday, either lost or abandoned. It’s also important to report any dog attack incidents to the appropriate authorities, this will not only help the investigation but also helps to ensure that the safety of the community is protected.

“We’re hoping there’s been some resolution,” she said.

Vieira Loreto, however, isn’t sure it’s the right dog that was found in Liberty Village.

The blonde woman whose dog he said attacked his has been photographed with another woman and her dog — he thinks that’s the dog that was located.

And he’s had reports that the woman is still in Coronation Park and still has the dog with her. It’s important to understand that the Dog Owners’ Liability Act in Ontario states that a dog owner is liable for any damages or injury caused by their pet.

“I think the dog that attacked my dog had a darker muzzle than the one they found. But maybe my memory is not perfect of that day,” he said.

A man in Parkdale seeks answers after his dog was killed in a local park. The incident has raised questions about the laws surrounding dog attacks and has left the owner looking for help.

Therefore, if the investigation finds that the owner of the dog that killed the man’s pet was at fault, the man may be eligible for compensation for the loss of his dog and any additional expenses related to the incident.

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